Spring Breakthrough Semester

学生 who enter 灯塔的大学 in the spring face a unique set of challenges. 经常, they have taken a break from academics, participated in online college classes or struggled in a different college environment. Our Spring Breakthrough is a semester-long supportive framework that augments Beacon’s traditional wraparound services to help students succeed in and out of the classroom.


  • Direct support and attention from a dedicated campus-wide team
  • Small-group orientation
  • Social programming with other spring entry students
  • One-on-one coaching in academic and residential life skills
  • Increased executive functioning support
  • Concurrent parent support program

Social and Emotional Support

Each Spring Breakthrough student meets personally with representatives from across campus to ensure access to resources and assist with social engagement. A residential life specialist is assigned to each student to help develop on-campus routines, establish independence, join social clubs and more.

At the end of the semester, the student’s support team provides recommendations for summer coursework, programs or activities to prevent skill regression.

Parent Inclusion and Support

At Beacon, we recognize that parents play a key role in a student’s transition to college. The Spring Breakthrough semester includes structured parent outreach designed to increase confidence in the process and in their student’s progress. Throughout the semester, parents learn to recognize opportunities and strategies to support their student, ranging from increased independence to early intervention.

父母 participate in:

  • Parent orientation programming
  • Monthly virtual workshops and newsletters with timely topics and support
  • End-of-semester workshop focused on preparing for summer
  • Consistent communication from the college about the student’s academic and social engagement*

*Specific updates to parents/guardians may be restricted by the student’s preferences for information disclosure.


Costs and scholarships: Breakthrough services are included in the cost of tuition, designed to enhance student success and engagement at no extra cost.

如何申请: 学生 are automatically eligible for Breakthrough services when they are accepted and enroll in the upcoming spring semester. Click here to learn more about how to apply for admission.

Want to learn more? Click here to schedule a video chat with a transition counselor.

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